How to fix WiFi disconnection issue even though Internet is connected
How to fix WiFi disconnection issue even though Internet is connected

How to fix the WiFi disconnection issue even though the Internet is connected?

Till a few days back I was facing this problem where my laptop was getting interrupted after a few minutes of connecting to a wifi device and every website I visited would pop up a notification that ‘you are probably offline, please check your network connection’, while my net is connected used to be and wifi signal was also showing.

I was understanding this problem as a network problem and had to turn the wi-fi connection off and on again and again. But after some time the same problem happened again.

So how did I get over this problem?

Follow these steps to get rid of this problem:

Step 1: Go to the device manager of your pc/laptop

  • Search for the device manager using the window search bar or right-click on this PC icon, then click on the properties.
  • You will see the option device manager.

Step 2: Open the network adapter

Step 3: Find wifi adapter

Step 4: Right-click your mouse

Step 5: Click on Properties

Step 6: Uncheck the box which shows allow the device to turn off

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If the problem still exists follow these steps – master steps

Step 1: Do the same steps till step 4 as per the mentioned above

Step 2: Find the option to update

Step 3: Click on the update option

Step 4: Click on let window search online and install

Step 5: After installing Restart your pc/laptop

Let me know if these steps worked for you or not.

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