Top 5 Cheap Domain Registrars?

If you are running any website other than Blogspot, the biggest concern is registering the domain and renewing it yearly.

Because when we register a domain in the beginning, then any domain registrar company gives a good discount and the domain gets registered at a cheap rate.

Now the problem arises for beginners when they have to renew the same domain again. If you are new to this field and have not registered any domain yet, then now you will think that what would be the problem in renewing it?

The problem is not technical, it is financial because the charge for renewing the domain is high and there are some bloggers who are struggling to make their websites stand out.

In such times, we often search for a cheap domain registrar whose renewal charge is not too high, in which we do not feel cheated.

I have searched a lot and have come up with this list of Affordable Domain Registrars. Most of the names in this list are included whose names you have hardly heard or can say in reverse Hindi words that “naam chhote aur darshan bade” means not big names nor famous but their service is very good.

Let’s go tour to find Cheap Domain Registrars.


Hostfizia is one of the top leading domain registrars and web hosting providers of all time. They provide services like domain registration, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.

The below image shows the different prices for the different domain extensions for the services.

The domain offers details of Hostfizia
The domain offers details of HOSTFIZIA

Check full detail on HOSTFIZIA.COM.


This company provides quality web hosting services at reasonable rates.

MR Cloud Hosting was started to provide high-quality web hosting services at economical rates. Their plan is to provide individual hosting with a free domain name with a yearly package.

Take a look at the image below for their services.

The domain offers details of MRCLOUDHOSTING.COM
The domain offers details of MRCLOUDHOSTING.COM

Check full details on MRCLOUDHOSTING.COM

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DeleteZero is a Division of NININE PRIVATE LIMITED and a web hosting and domain service provider from India, based in, Bengaluru. Company serving customers all over Globe. DeleteZero’s client list includes many governments, semi-government offices and corporates. Presently they are offering hosting and server solutions to their customers.

See the below image for their offers and price list of domain services.

The domain offers details of DELETEZERO.COM
The domain offers details of DELETEZERO.COM

Check full details on DELETEZERO.COM


YouStable is among the most popular web hosting providers which have been working independently since 2015 and YouStable has been the best choice for more than 70,000 customers.

YouStable has located in the city of Lucknow, India and has more than 6 data centre locations for dedicated services.

Check the full details on YOUSTABLE.COM

The domain offers of YOUSTABLE
The domain offers of YOUSTABLE


Herohosty is a fully-managed web hosting and domain service, provider. It’s a fully automated web hosting solution.

They have over 5 years of presence in the web hosting industry and provide a diverse and constantly -evolving portfolio of hosting solutions. They claim that they serve over 35,000 customers across the globe and host over 20,000 domains.

You can see their domain service in the below image.

The domain offers of  HEROHOSTY
The domain offers of HEROHOSTY

Check HEROHOSTY.COM for full detail.

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