Software for Text to Speech and Voiceover on Multilanguage.
Software for Text to Speech and Voiceover on Multilanguage.


You know that few things are more annoying. When watching a video
than a terrible audio track – tinny sounding, bad volume and you struggle to get what is being said.
But even WORSE! Text To Speech!

Those terrible Text To Speech audios on videos that sound…

  • Fake
  • Emotionless
  • Robotic
  • Cheap

Are you looking for Text to Speech Software

Software for Text to Speech and Voiceover on Multilanguage.

If you are finding a solution for text to speech/ voiceover software then you are at right place.

Have you ever tried to create a Text to Speech (TTS) audio file, or If you’ve ever tried to create Voice-overs for your videos and thought, “That was easy?”
Even, ” That sounds great!”
Nope, didn’t think so. You’ve likely discovered:

  • Freelance Voice-over Artists are expensive
  • It can take days for them to deliver
  • Text To Speech sounds like a lifeless Robot

Let’s face it — up until now creating ‘Text To Speech’ audio has been a PAIN…
And the results? Just plain disappointing! Until Now… 

So what to do if we don’t have a nice voice for our own or our clients videos?
We pay somebody to do it for us, and that ain’t cheap! There was no real alternative, you could outsource your Voiceover and pay several hundred bucks for an “average” Voice Over not to mention the time and hassle of going back and forth with a bunch of freelancers.
But NOT anymore! what if there was a much easier, faster way to create Human Sounding audio in a few clicks… in MINUTES from now?!


A brand NEW software has just been released that will…

  • Create beautiful, natural sounding Voice-overs
  • Add Pauses, Inflections and Tone
  • Make Listeners believe it’s a real human talking

All in under a minute with just a few clicks!

Software for Text to Speech and Voiceover on Multilanguage.

You’re in luck, because there’s a brand new tool that’s just hit the market called Speechelo, and it’s going to make your life INFINITELY easier when it comes to creating Voice-overs from Text. Speechelo is the incredible new Text To Speech software that actually sounds like Real People with pauses, tone, inflection – so much so that you are hard put to tell that it’s not a Real Person and it comes with the 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Then why you worry

  • Forget Expensive Freelancers
  • Forget ‘Robotic’ TTS Tools
  • Forget disappointing results

Now you can get the ultimate edge over the competition, slash hours off your day, and pump out Human sounding Audio for your videos in double quick time.

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3 Easy Steps to use, That’s it

While using Speechelo you have to follow just simple and very easy steps to add voice on your text:

Software for Text to Speech and Voiceover on Multilanguage.

  1. Paste the text which you want to make voice over.
  2. Select voice type. Means male, female and other options.
  3. Generate and Download.

Works in 23 languages

Yes! you read correctly that it supports more than 23 languages from all over the world. You can listen all the demo voices which is available for you. Don’t skip without listening your favorite voice.

List of Supportive Languages:

  • Arabic
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Icelandic
  • Italian
  • Indian (Hindi, English)
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Mandarin
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • US English (Male, Female, Kids)
  • Welsh

It’s probably the best tool I’ve seen that I’ll be using all the time for my sales videos and to speed up my video production generally. This NEW software will create Voice-overs that sound ‘Human’. I’ve never heard anything like it.

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Why you should go for this?

  • New AI Software
  • Real human voice
  • Transform any text into speech
  • Male & Female voices included
  • The only text-to-speech engine that adds inflections in the voice
  • Works in [English] and 23 other languages
  • Over 30 human-sounding voices
  • Read the text in 3 ways: normal tone, joyful tone, serious tone.
  • Say goodbye to expensive voiceover artists and unreliable freelancers
  • Works with any video creation software: Camtasia, Adobe Premier, iMovie, Audacity, etc.
  • Easy to use in just few steps
  • Very Cheap, Onetime lifetime payment
  • No comparison available in market

Software for Text to Speech and Voiceover on Multilanguage.

In just a few clicks you can have natural sounding Voice-overs for your videos.

It’s available at an incredible low price if you are quick.
Just listen to the app or website, in action in the Sales video on the page…

If you have any question feel free to comment below or contact us.

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