Read the real experience that how I saved myself from being a victim of fraud
Read the real experience that how I saved myself from being a victim of fraud

Are most of subdomains related to fraud?

You must have also seen many advertisements on Facebook or Instagram of the subdomain The advertisement does not run daily basis. Just recently I also saw a similar subdomain. The website that was associated with this subdomain was named and this website was selling physical products (Which can be delivered to your doorstep) for kids like clothes, toys, some electronics items, and many more.

On this website, all the children’s goods were available with very heavy discounts. The clothes, toys, battery-operated cars, and bikes which are available on famous online shopping websites Amazon, Flipkart, TATA CLiQ, SHOPCLUES, AliExpress, Snapdeal, Myntra, Firstcry, etc. for Rs 700 to 800 were being available on this website for just Rs 149 to Rs 200.

Seeing such attractive offers, most the people, most of the well-educated people also get greedy and within 1000 rupees, the offer of the most expensive goods is available.

About that website

The above-mentioned website was designed beautifully. They used a very attractive and professional theme to lure the visitors to their website.

There was a pop-up slider which was shows some names and cities with products that they just bought an item. Which takes visitors into their confidence.

There was an expiring time which was running just below the products showing the expiring time of offers, as well as the sign of the stock, is also visible. When we see these features usually we do not do much research and place orders in a hurry that the stock may run out or the offer may not expire.
Even if it comes to our mind that even if this fraud is not there, yet the amount is less, then at most 200 – 400 rupees will be lost and makes an order.

I too had added to the cart some products with the same thinking and was just about to enter my UPI PIN to make the final payment. But it seemed that something was wrong.

So I did some checks first – cash on delivery which was not available on this website then I checked return and refund which had only a Gmail account, and there was no address for return. It was said that after the delivery of the goods, if anyone wants a return/refund, then it has to be mailed on this Gmail.

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All these things were indicating that it was a fraud and then I canceled the order.


Now the next day when I re-opened that website, it opened as shown in the picture below.

Just a day after a screenshot of a fraud website where items were available at a huge discount on an earlier day
Just a day after a screenshot of a fraud website where items were available at a huge discount on an earlier day

Search results show that the store is not available. This means this website was no longer in service. All the people who had ordered from this website for cheap offers had lost their money.

But what is the difference, only 200 – 400 rupees have gone, most of the people think like this. isn’t it? Don’t know how many people would have ordered by giving 200-400 rupees like this.

Let’s assume and calculate

Suppose 1000 people on a website would have ordered products up to an average of Rs 500, then it becomes Rs 500000. And only one website is just a guess, how such fraud people create websites of dozens of subdomains on different products like Mens, Womens, Electronics, Mobiles and run advertisements in all together, then imagine how much money they would earn by fraud.

What are the precautions to be taken while ordering online?

  • check the HTTPS:// or lock sign at the address bar before the domain name-
    • It means that the website you are surfing is secure.
  • Check contact details-
    • It is necessary for those websites that deliver and ship products.
    • It is not necessary for affiliate websites (Affiliate websites redirect users to product websites like
  • Read about us page.
  • Read return and refund policy-
    • If they provide an email that ends without their domain name that means this is not a professional website.
    • If they use subdomains like,, etc, you should think twice before making an order.
  • Check whether the website provides cash on delivery or not.
  • Check the secure payment options.
  • Report the advertisements, if you feel that they may be related to fraud.


I reported this advertisement on Instagram and after a few days, I got a reply from Instagram that the report made by me against that website was correct with a thanked message. There are some features available in the advertisement provider platforms where you can report any advertisement if you found anything wrong.

Please refer to the image below that where to find the option for reporting any advertisement-

The above images are just a sample that how to open the option to report any inappropriate advertisement.

I have written this article because I have saved myself from being a victim of fraud and I also want to inform those people who are always on the lookout for attractive discount offers on online shopping websites.

Disclaimer – Please note that the purpose of writing this article is not to defame, there are thousands of such subdomains of that are authentic and working.

“One dirty fish makes the whole pond dirty”

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